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HeaterMate Plug-In Digital Thermostat




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Key Features



Simultaneously displays current room temperature and set temperature. Digital thermometer function in stand-by. Back-up battery allows setting when removed from mains socket and stores set temperature. Easy room temperature setting by pressing the UP and DOWN buttons. Can be used to control heater in winter and air-conditioner or heat extraction fan in summer.
Colour LED status indicator: Red - Controlled Unit is OFF Green Controlled Unit is ON
Australia and New Zealand Electrical Safety Approval: SAA120136EA


Technical Specifications



1. Operating voltage: 250V AC/ 50Hz; 2. Load Max: 10A 2500W (resistive)

3. Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 30°C. 4. Store Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C.

5. Temperature Control range: 5°C ~ 30°C; Precision:±1°C; Measuring period: 10 S.

6. Function: Heating or Cooling. 7. Temperature Control: Control T = Set T (Heating)
Control T = Set T+1 °C (Cooling) deviation from Control T to activate controlled unit: -1°C (Heating), +1°C (Cooling)