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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. I dont have a PayPal account. Can I pay without creating an account?
Yes you can pay and use your normal credit card without the need to create an account.
Its easy, just click on the tab where the arrow is pointing

Q.Where can I buy a Dampchaser?
You can buy online at this website by clicking on SALES
You can also find a list of retailers and electrical wholesalers buy clicking on SHOPS

Q.What model should I choose?
Generally the size will depend on the area / volume and use. Choose the B100 for airing cupboards and large double wardrobes with a cubic volume of around 5 to 6 cubic meters. The B60 for single and double wardrobes with a volume of around 3 to 4 cubic meters . The T17 for small cupboards, pianos and gun safes with a volume around 1 cubic meters or less
The volume can be calculated by multiplying the HEIGHT X LENGTH X DEPTH in meters.
eg. double wardrobe 2.3m heigh X 2m length X 1m deep Answer = 4.6 cubic meters. As it is a double wardrobe and not an airing cupboard the B60 is the most suitable model.

Q.Can I mount the Dampchaser® on the floor?

No, it must be mounted to a wall as insufficient air flow will pass over the Dampchaser® causing it to overheat.
(see installation instructions.on specifications page)
Q.Can I mount the Dampchaser® vertically?
No it must be mounted HORIZONTALLY to a wall.to permit the correct air flow through the Dampchaser®..

Q.The top and face of the Dampchaser® is getting very hot. Is this normal?
Yes the B100 and B60 will be hot to the touch. This is normal. The T17 will also be hot to the touch

Q.Can I leave the Dampchaser® running all the time?
Yes. It is designed to be left running 24-7

Q.Does the Dampchaser® have a thermostat?
No but we sell a plug in high quality digital thermostat that plugs directly into a power point.(see the home page)

Q.What is the resettable thermostat for on the B100 and B60?
This is an  extra safety feature to ensure the Dampchaser® will stop working should the temperature rise above 100deg.C. It automatically re-sets itself when the temperature drops to 80 deg.C..

Q.How do I connect the Dampchaser® to the power?
The Dampchasers® comes with a 1.6 meter cord and moulded plug. All that is required is to have a switched power point in the area you are mounting the unit..

Q.Are they safe?
Yes. All our products have been independently tested to comply with Australian and New Zealand Electrical Standards.
Certificate of Approval # NSW26582