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Product features and how they work

Our range of low wattage Dampchaser® dehumidifiers have been specially designed to reduce the relative humidity in areas that suffer from dampness, mildew, mold and musty odors. The Dampchaser® works by raising the temperature and creating a gentle movement of dry air to circulate in the storage space. Over a period of time this gradually reduces the moisture content and provides a dry warm environment where mold and mildew find it hard to survive.

Benefits of using a Dampchaser®

By fitting a Dampchaser® you can drastically reduce the presence of mold & mildew. Mold and mildew are types of fungi that grow on organic matter. They thrive in darker areas like cupboards, wardrobes and closets where there is little air circulation and will survive even in mildly damp situations. Fungi produce several toxic allergens called mycotoxins that can damage your health. These chemicals are present on the spores of small mold fragments that are released into the air. Recent studies have linked mold to the rapid rise in the asthma rate.

By fitting the Dampchaser® in the lower half of a cupboard it will transform the cupboard into a nice dry place to store your linens, towels, etc. and create an airing cupboard. This is an excellent solution for those homes that have switched over to gas, and have lost their electric water heating tank which traditionally doubled as an airing cupboard.

Using the Dampchaser® in your wardrobe or closet will help prevent mold and mildew from forming and protect your clothes, shoes and belongings from nasty molds & stains. At the same time it will keep those damp musty odors away.

The 17 Watt Dampchaser® can be installed in the lower half you your piano and left running continuously to reduce the relative humidity and help prevent sticking keys, keeping your piano in tune for longer. Consult your local piano tuner if you need help with installation.
The Dampchaser® can be installed in minutes and consumes very little power (
see specifications).
Long life, hassle free, safe and reliable. Just Fit it and Forget it.
Dampchasers® have been independently tested and comply with the stringent electrical standards of New Zealand and Australia.

A Kiwi Quality Product Designed and Manufactured in New Zealand

Two Year Warranty