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The Dampchaser® should be installed in accordance with the manufactures mounting instructions and should NOT be operated in the immediate vicinity of a bath, shower or swimming pool, or be mounted immediately below or in front of a power outlet socket.

The Dampchaser® is a highly reliable product and contains no serviceable parts. The supply cord cannot be replaced. If the cord is damaged the appliance should be scrapped.

The Dampchaser® is not intended to be used by young children or the infirm unless adequately supervised by a responsible person. Young children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance

The Dampchaser® must be mounted horizontally on a wall; (four screws are provided) with the ventilation grills facing up and down. Either way round is OK.

Allow a minimum clearance of 100 mm or 4 inches of free space above and below to allow good air flow  through the Dampchaser®. For maximum efficiency mount the Dampchaser® in the lower half of the cupboard to allow rising heat to circulate. 
The Dampchaser® may be left running continuously and can be cleaned occasionally by applying a vacuum cleaner to the heater grill and wiping with a cloth.

WARNING, never mount vertically or cover it as this will cause overheating. It is normal for the top and front to be hot to the touch.
Operating Instructions and Cautionary Notes
100 & 60 Watt Models with
Auto. reset over temperature switch
Please Read Before Use