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Dear Sir, I cant tell you how pleased I was to find you still in the phone book. The Dampchaser unit that was installed in our linen cupboard 10 years ago looks set to outlive us all. It's wonderful. These 2 new ones are to go in a large walk in wardrobe. I will recommend your product to everyone I meet.
Cheers, Jenny L.
Takapuna New Zealand

Hi Martin,
We have had a very wet summer and now winter. Everything has been very damp including the laptop that I initially left in the observatory. But the telescope has been spotless thanks to your heating element! The optics are still in pristine condition as has been the exterior.
I have put a canvas cover over the telescope and the heating element under the cover whilst the cover was not still open at the under side to allow some limited ventilation. The 17 watt is just the correct power. Not too hot, but powerful enough to prevent condensation and warm the air inside the cover.
Many thanks!
Jouke. Cork Ireland

Hi there, We recently bought a Dampchaser (the larger model) for our wardrobe and its working wonderfully.
Jane C. New Zealand

Hi Martin. everything seems great and my wife said they are “wonderful”! No doubt they have kept the cupboard and small storage room dry so far.
Thanks for the follow up.
Kevin N.S.W. Australia

Dear Sir, many years ago I bought a wonderful little Dampchaser heater and its still chugging away keeping my linen cupboard aired and NOT DAMP. Recently we de-installed a hot water cylinder and wanted to use a Dampchaser to keep the old hot water cupboard warm and dry. Luckily I happened to mention to our electrician who came to disconnect the hot water cylinder that we wanted to fit a Dampchaser. He has now fitted 2 new ones.
J. Stewart New Zealand

Many thanks for the 2 100W Dampchasers that you sent us. We have fitted one under the stairs where we keep our outdoor clothing and another in our master bedroom upstairs. Great product and fast service.
Danial Harper,
Sussex United Kingdom

Hi Martin,
Got my heater today. thanks for the fast service and a great little product. It's already got rid of that mouldy smell after 6 hours.
Very happy.
Regards, Hazel
Queensland Australia

Many thanks for shipping the Dampchaser, we got in only 4 days. our damp wardrobe is no longer damp..wife,s happy.. Cheers John
NSW Australia

Thanks Martin, your excellent customer service has really been appreciated and could serve as an example to many.
Victoria Australia

Hi Martin
This is to advise that I received the product.
Thank you for the quick delivery. That's an excellent service.
Auckland New Zealand

Hi Martin
Thanks; it was just delivered. Fab service and much appreciated.
Regards, Linda
Auckland New Zealand

Arrived this afternoon -quickest purchase, delivery turnaround ever.
Auckland New Zealand

Thanks so much, we had them at our last house and they were amazing, had looked at mitre 10 and couldn’t find, have also told others to buy.  Especially useful in this era of no hot water cupboards!
Parnell Auckland

Hi Martin,
Thank you for the heater, it arrived this morning! It is perfect and the same model I had when I lived in Wellington, so am very happy!
Brisbane Australia